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A vital resource for Special Needs Children and their familes
Flag Grimsby A vital resource for Special Needs Children and their familes
FLAG aims to provide recreational activities for children from age 5 years to 21+ who have a range of disabilities and special needs.

Services we offer

Rest bite care with the Juniors Club

Caters for children from five to eleven

Rest bite care with the Senior club

Caters for children from eleven to twenty one plus

Autistic Unit

Autism and Asperger syndrome are both part of a range of related developmental disorders known as autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). They begin in childhood and last through adulthood.

ASD can cause a wide range of symptoms, which are grouped into three categories: problems and difficulties with social interaction – including lack of understanding and awareness of other people's emotions and feelings impaired language and communication skills – including delayed language development and an inability to start conversations or take part in them properly unusual patterns of thought and physical behaviour – including making repetitive physical movements, such as hand tapping or twisting (the child develops set routines of behaviour and can get upset if the routines are broken)

There is currently no cure for ASD. However, a wide range of treatments, including specialist education and behavioural programmes, can help improve symptoms.

Here at Flag we have a small Autistic Unit that accommodates ten young people.

Saturday Club

Local trips

We often go on local trips and you will have to sign a generic form to give your consent to cover these, this is part of the referral process. For day trips we will give you a separate permission slip with all the relevant details. We also have a detailed risk assessment for each trip.